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Clinton Schaff

Los Angeles Times
VP, Strategy and Development
Los Angeles, California
Clint Schaff is a Master of Ceremonies.

Clint has a love for being on stage — he served as the Goldy Gopher mascot, officiates weddings, teaches as an adjunct professor at USC and busts out hip hop karaoke raps weekly. His best work, though, is focused on helping others connect.

For nearly 20 years — and primarily in advertising and PR agency leadership roles at places Edelman, Golin and The Wonderful Company — Clint has made a living — and helped clients shape culture — through attention-getting media, collaborations, storytelling and, sure, parties.

Now as VP of Strategy and Development of the Los Angeles Times, Clint makes a new kind of media — one that focuses on collaborations and connections. Around topics like entertainment, politics, travel and food, he introduces brands and organizations to the LA Times’ large and high-value audience.

Ever the party host, Clint might try to bring people together using a new, multimedia platform in one case, a lecture series or a brew-pub mixer for the next.

Let’s party together.

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