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Danielle Muzzini

Account Executive
San Francisco Bay Area
Looker is a data platform that helps companies find, explore and understand data for both technical and business users across the organization. We work with both internal reporting & analytics as well as enable companies to offer client facing analytics solutions to fasciliatate growth and data driven decisions.

When I speak with companies I learn about their analytics setup, and find that they almost always face one of two problems:

-A data bottleneck where business teams wait on data analyst's for the reports they need now.

-Total data chaos in which teams pull data from wherever they can get it, pick a business metric to use, and end up making decisions based on incomplete, and potentially incorrect, numbers.

For 600+ companies like Kohler, Uber, Lyft, Facebook, Paypal, Yahoo, Looker creates the essential balance between self-service reporting and data governance for company-wide analytics.